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Key Factors To Consider While Designing a Website in 2020

Everyone is keen on having a website and this has led to increased demand for website development. As of today, more than 360 million domains are registered. You might as well be planning to get a website for your business. But before you proceed with designing a website, you (or the agency you hired for the website development) should understand the purpose, work on planning, and set the goals! And for that, you must first understand the role of a website in the advancement of your business.

A website is one of the most powerful tools for communication if you understand the purpose and implement it accordingly. Whether you are a blogger, business/organization, startup, or an individual, the primary purpose of your website should be converting your visitors into prospects. It is 2020 now, an era where everyone is introduced to the internet and “how to browse through” knowledge to make the most of it. So what should you do to make your website unique, clear, and engaging? Let’s go through the key points quickly.


The Ultimate Procedure To Follow While Designing a Website in 2020:

01 Decidinig The Objective

To begin with, a clear objective makes life much easier and helps you plan further smoothly. You could be a professional, an organization, a business, blogger, hobbyist, or anything. Decide what are you going to create. Is it a professional website, an online store, a blog, or what? In case you come up with a mixture of objectives, take your time and plan them correctly.

02 Concentrate On The Content Delivery

You can easily engage the visitors on your website by setting up the proper content delivery. Set the mood first- formal, informal, casual, or whichever best fits your purpose. The next big step to consider while designing a website is to go out and express your brand’s values. For eg, Nike’s website is full of ‘Just Do It’ ambiance. Their ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ attitude certainly brings authority and pumps up the level of confidence and trust in their visitors. If you observe their website closely, the mood is optimistic and the content delivery is bold! Just what you need for a sports brand. The key is- people are more likely to trust a business that speaks honestly, expresses meaningful values, and contains the emotions that they can connect to.

03 Work On The Design & Feel Of The Website

The design and feel of your website should be in a similar context. Depending on the content delivery, you can decide whether to build something elegant, funky, professional or what. While Designing a website, one important point to remember is the selection of color palettes and stock images. Believe it or not, but choosing the wrong colors for your website could affect your brand’s personality drastically! Therefore, I highly recommend you to take a deep dive into the color science, soak well and come up with something beautiful, the right way! But all that design would be useless if the user experience is poor. Make sure your website is easy for the users to understand and browse through. Optimize your website well, work on the caching tools, and make sure that your website responds well and timely.

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04 Actively Administer Your Website, Launch Targeting Campaigns

You may want to keep your website updated and if possible, post engaging contents to target the right audience. Let them know if you have an event upcoming, or a sale on a particular day, or a limited time coupon code for a good discount, or anything that gains you attention. Basically, your marketing strategies work much better if you define the target audience (age-group, gender, location, interest-based, etc) for your business. Take advantage of the google analytics tool and measure your website’s performance. If all is going well, then you better be ready for a viral 2020 (nope, not covid-19 viral).

05 Get Your SEO Done Right & Make Use Of Digital Marketing Tools (Optional, but very effective)

The final procedure of designing a website opens up the doors to a new aspect where you will use various marketing tools to promote your awesome website on a much wider scale. A proper SEO can help you rank higher on the google search result pages and generate more traffic. I shall be writing on this topic real soon. Stay tuned for more.

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